Monday, February 4, 2008

Church on Super Bowl Sunday 2008

Yesterday at Elder’s Quorum, the lesson was given by the Bishop of our ward. I haven’t been in the church but two years, but this is the first time the bishop ever has given a lesson in EQ since I’ve been here.

What I did notice is a few brethren who rarely show up for EQ were in attendance yesterday. Maybe the bishop should teach more often.

Anyway, the lesson was about time and money. Specifically, we learned or were reminded about our top four priorities, in order, as laid out for us by President Gordon B. Hinckley. And they are

  1. Our wives and families
  2. Our jobs
  3. Our church callings and duties
  4. Ourselves
From what I have read and heard, too many of us brethren, me included, have been doing too much #2 and not enough of #1 and #3. Results may vary, of course.

And taking into account my slowly increasing waistline, I’m also falling short in #4, particularly in the exercise and diet part of it.

A lot to work on in 2008 an onward into eternity for me.

Also of note in yesterday’s lesson was information about how the church allocates its money to the thousands of wards in the ward. The amount of funds a ward receives is based on its sacrament average meeting attendance. A uniform dollar figure that is the same for every ward in the world is multiplied by the average # attending sacrament meetings at that ward to arrive at the budget allocated to that ward.

I wonder if attendance will be up for our ward now that we have switched to a 1pm to 4pm time slot for 2008. In 2007, we gathered from 8am to 11am.

Speaking of attendance, not only was it up for EQ yesterday, there was also yesterday one of the bigger gatherings for sacrament meeting in my two years in the church. And it was Super Bowl Sunday to boot.

Good Saints we are. Go Giants!

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Betty said...

To My Friends of Faith,,,, on an unrelated topic that requires our attention....
Recently a friend at our church brought this "film" to my attention.
Her son apparently was sent this web link from someone.

It's a movie clip (that has been recently released, or is about to,,, I'm not sure),,
anyway, it depicts Mormons as flesh eating ghouls, and it is just awful.

On behalf of myself and my husband, and our Mormon friends,
I would like to make sure that young people are NOT subjected to this terrible conception of our faith.

please let me know if you are able to help.

regards, Betty Toms