Saturday, February 9, 2008

A typical Saturday?

Before I joined the church, a typical Saturday for me would be spent hiking in the mountains somewhere on my home island of Oahu. I'd hike and then I'd come home and write about hikes I've done.

Nowadays, my Saturdays are different.

Today, for example, I headed to the church to help out with cleaning up the chapel. In my ward, the task of cleaning up the chapel is rotated amongst the Elder's Quorum (which I belong to), the High Priests, the Relief Society, and the Young Men and Women.

Today was the EQ Saturday, so at a little past 8, I was at the church. Our quorum today consisted of just me and Brother Tacuban, who also brought along his grandson. Also there was our Bishop.

I won't be one to ask where the other quorum members were, for there were many EQ Saturdays where Brother Turner was MIA. Anyway, today we got the job done.

After that, my wife picked me up and we were headed to our Stake Center for a 2-hour "Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting" on the family. It was televised from the Salt Lake City and we heard from several General Authorities, including Apostles Packer, Holland and Oaks, the new President of the Church, Thomas M. Monson, and three sisters who head up the Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary organizations of the church.
No, I didn't wish I was hiking.

It was quite enlightening and time well spent on this Saturday. Yes, it was.


Jonathan Beutler said...

Great post!

Mike Maitland said...

hey, don't get discouraged that you were the only ones that turned up - it just might mean some people were busy or didn't fully grasp happens everywhere too!