Sunday, February 24, 2008

EQ Jeopardy and Job Well Done, President Friel!

Well, the adventure in Jeopardy for EQ went well today.

Before that, we got word from our EQ president, Tommy Friel, that he had been released and had been called to the stake high council (counsel?). I'm not sure how long he had served as EQP, but President Friel held the calling when I joined the church in 2/06, so it's been at least two years. Anyway, job well done by President Friel. I can testify that he has magnified his calling, no doubt.

For the lesson, I divided the quorum into four teams (3x3 and 1x4). I then reminded them how jeopardy was played. Instead of buzzing in to answer, they had to raise their hands to offer what they thought was the correct question for the offered answer.

I didn't have a game board prepared. Instead, I announced the category (there were four: facts, faith, family, and fruits), the amount that could be earned for a correct answer, and then the answer.

Brother Oshiro, an advisor from the stake high council, was on hand and at one point he reminded me that we were not wagering (gambling is a no-on in the LDS church). Instead we were "offering up some points to play with" or something along that line.

There was lots of spirited and friendly competition in the jeopardy lesson, and it came down to final jeopardy where in the category "FACTS" the final jeopardy answer was "December 12, 1850."

If you know the question, send me a message.

For the record, Team 1 (Walk, Tacuban, Sellers) amassed the most points, and were one of two teams to get the final jeopardy question. (Unbeknownst to me, the answer was posted in today's sacrament meeting program--wow, what a coincidence!)

I concluded the lesson by challenging the brethren to be prepared to share some information with curious non-members of the church. I even prepared a wallet-sized card with facts, faith, fruits, and family information on it.

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