Thursday, February 7, 2008

Our Stake President said...

I mentioned attending a stake priesthood meeting a couple Sundays ago. Anyway, at the meeting, our stake president, George Kaluhiokalani, mentioned how he has curbed down his TV viewing in order tend to other higher order concerns.

President Kaluhiokalani also mentioned that during his morning and afternoon commutes to and from work, he has taken to listening to General Conference talks instead of the radio. Without coming out and saying so directly, I think the President was letting us brethren know that we best consider wiser uses of our time.

As such, I have taken to listening to General Conference talks while driving. I probably spend at least an hour a day in a car, and I know I've been better off since I have begun (actually rebegun because I used to listen to GC talks at one point a few months ago.

The messages being conveyed have a way of seeping into my brain. And my brain needs a lot of seeping into.

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