Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Family Home Evening 2/4/08--All in Favor?

In our family, we have been pretty consistent about holding Family Home Evening on Monday nights. I will admit that in the past month or so, we have let FHE fall a bit by the proverbial wayside, but I am happy to report that last night we gather our ohana for a FHE.

Along with my wife Jacque and I, also in attendance were my stepdaughter Jamie (18), my stepson Dustin (21), and my mom (71). Jamie, Dustin, and Grandma Turner are not members of the church, but they take part in our FHEs with a good bit of spirit and cooperativeness. While it is true that the kids have had some long faces during FHEs, it is also true that at times we have had some really fun, spirited and spiritual moments.

I will testify that Family Home Evenings have blessed our lives.

Last night, the FHE topic was the prophets on the earth. I talked about the passing of President Hinckley and his successor President Monson. I talked about how we as members of the church sustain not only the Prophet, but also other members of the church when they received their callings.

This prompted a discussion about whether anyone ever has raised a hand in opposition to someone's being sustained to a calling. In my two years in the church I have never seen it.

According to our bishop, he said he has seen a hand raised in opposition just once, and it wasn't for the president of the church.

Anyone seen a hand raised to the prompt "anyone opposed by the same sign"? Just curious.

Anyway, I suppose if I asked for a sustaining vote for the continuation of FHEs in our home, we just might get a couple "opposed by the same sign." Given that, I'll hold off on the vote for now.

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