Monday, February 11, 2008

A lot to learn...

Yesterday in church, during sacrament meeting, one of the talks was given by Brother Robert Carlisle. He's on the stake high council and he's also a member of our ward.

Anyway, he gave a talk about the Fall of Adam and Eve. To be truthful, a lot of what he talked about went over my head, but I was intently trying to listen because I respect the man.

After sacrament meeting, Brother Carlisle left the stand and came down to where I was seated with my wife and said, "I hear you are really into studying the scriptures." Hearing this, I thought maybe he had read this blog (how vain of me to think that), but later I found out that my wife had been talking to his wife, and that is probably how he heard about my attempts to be more versed in the word of God.

He then handed me a book by Garth Allred titled The Eternal Plan of Happiness. Though not officially endorsed by the church, it is an interesting and fascinating book, so much so that during the next hour in Sunday School class, I spent more time than I should have browsing through the Allred book when I should have been paying attention to the lesson being given.

Later, after priesthood meeting, Brother Carlisle came up to me and handed me a second book. He said, "Give this to your wife to read. And, you can read it too if you want." Titled Believing Christ, the book is by Stephen E. Robinson. It's only125 pages but it's enlightening reading, literally illuminating some gospel concepts such as the atonement and grace that I have not yet fully grasped.

If anyone has read these books, I'd be interested in reading your comments.

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